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Just as you can't learn to be a writer if you don't read books, you can't really write a blog without loving other blogs. Here are some of my favorites (divided into Catholic-focused and not Catholic-focused categories):

Bad Catholic. Marc discusses all the things the activist in me wants to discuss in the ways the philosopher in me wishes I was organized enough to say. Agree or not, he tackles a lot of big current issues (faith, gender, sexuality, pornography) in methodical and thorough ways.

Carrots for Michaelmas. Haley's was one of the first Catholic blogs I read and she was a large part of the inspiration to write one myself. Plus, we have the same (properly spelled) first name. Win, win, win.

The Crescat. Katrina is, simply put, hilarious and often quite bluntly honest, which is incredibly refreshing and realistic when the blogging world sometimes only shows the flowery bits of life.

Even the Wilderness. Grace is like a thoughtful, earnest and imaginative younger sister to me. Her honesty is laced with sweetness which makes you long for older, simpler, idyllic times. She oozes anglophilia, nerdy jokes and Canadian scenery photographs.

Steve Gershom. Sorry, Joey* writes about being a Catholic with SSA (same-sex attraction) and has really been one of the most enlightening bloggers I've ever read. He opened my eyes (more) to the struggles and burdens we all face. SSA isn't just an issue: it is reality for a great number of people, just as depression, anxiety, obsession, loneliness (etc etc) are.

Thomas Peters Recovery. In the Summer of 2013, Thomas Peters suffered a swimming accident. This blog details his recovery process, which has been nothing short of miraculous.

What Does the Prayer Really Say. Father Z. Traditional, humorous and questionably controversial are the usual words associated with him and his blog. I love it and it's the first place I go to find specific answers about Mass, Latin, Sacraments or commentary on the latest apostate group news.

A Beautiful Mess. Looking for prettiness, crafts, fashion, beauty...? Elsie and Emma have everything. No, really.

Daily Garnish. I initially followed Emily's blog for all of her simple and delicious looking recipes. Now I've stayed to follow her stories about her two adorable kids and life in Seattle.

How Sweet It Is. Jessica fulfills all my dreams about chocolate, peanut butter and enchiladas...and then takes it several steps further. Don't read this blog hungry.

If I've left you off, I mean nothing poor by it. These are just a few of the blogs I frequent. If you've got a blog, leave a comment below: I'd love to check it out. :)

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