01 February 2015

Hello, February....

Remember once upon a time last month when I said I was going to use creative outlets more, including blogging? And then remember how I did all kinds of blogging in the last month to show how legit those plans were? You don't remember that second one? Huh. Must've only done the first one. But I'm not really going to pressure myself about it.

Here we are at the start of February and I have to admit I'm feeling pretty good about it. You can't really go wrong when you begin February with Septuagesima Sunday. I am also really liking the fact that the whole month, as it begins on a Sunday, fits all 28 days nicely and neatly into full weeks. The little things.

Here's what's been going on as of late:

I had a work meeting this last week which was held on the 28th floor of a hotel. During a break time, I was able to treat myself to this snazzy view featuring the Cathedral Basilica of Ss Peter and Paul (left) and City Hall (right). The world looks so much cooler from way up high.

I moved recently (so happy about that) and one of the benefits was this new guy as a roommate. He is just like my old pitbull in that he thinks your food is actually his. No, dude. No carrots for you.

No matter how stressful my day can get, however annoyed I get with busy life or noisy people, I am always reminded that being in a city has its perks. In particular, visiting the new and eclectic or returning to the old and familiar. Moriarty's is kind of a mix of both for C and I.

College boys give you $100 as a tip? Treat yo self! Capogiro gelato is the best. Yes, that's avocado and cactus pear on the bottom row.

What to do while you're waiting for your pizza to finish cooking? Cross the street and have a cider. I know hard ciders are probably considered wimpy in the world of alcoholic beverages, but I like them and I'm not apologizing.

Mass this noon at Holy Trinity. This church is gorgeous. I love the windows...

And of course, where would I be in writing this post without a cuppa? Recently purchased Lady Grey, Peppermint and Irish Breakfast from Twinings. Ohhhh yes I did.

Off to work now. Happy happy Sunday!