06 April 2014

This Week

It is truly amazing how good weather changes your mood. This week, the sun has been shining and, even though it has often barely warmed to 50 degrees (Fahrenheit; Celsius would be pretty dang warm), I've had the windows open to let in the nice breeze. As it is warming up, the homeschooling year for my sister is getting closer to an end (only a month to go!) and I've been doing major Spring cleaning, I have definitely been a lot more positive and just generally happy lately. It also helps that Easter is only in two weeks! This Lent has seemed to last ages and, while I still stand by liking Lent as one of the major seasons of the liturgical year, I am definitely looking forward to some joyfulness. Anyone else feel this way?

I have a couple ideas brewing for more "serious" posts, but I thought this nice Sunday could just use some good photos I've enjoyed over the week:
Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger (to become Pope Benedict XVI).
BRB. Fangirling.

I finally watched this movie with my sister.
Yes, it is as good as everyone says.

Mexican food outing? Don't mind if I do.
Never turn down guacamole and melty cheese. Just don't.

Painted my nails for the first time in ages in two of my favorite shades:
L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Eiffel For You and Orange You Jealous

A new frozen yogurt place opened in a neighboring town.
I could eat thirty sour gummy worms. Best candy ever.
I know I already mentioned this, but seriously. Two weeks of Lent to go. Can you believe it? Does it still seem far off? We can do this!

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