13 April 2014

Around the Blogosphere

We've got some good'uns from the Internet. Here are some posts I've found encouraging, inspiring, through-provoking and/or uncannily accurate.

  • Last Supper Craft Is it okay that I don't have kids, yet I want to do this craft? Yes? Okay, good.
  • Becoming a Family of Prayer Kendra from Catholic All Year shares her encouraging thoughts on how to incorporate prayer into your daily life. "If I wait for the perfect time to really get serious about my prayer life, I will never have a prayer life at all." 
  • Austen, Aristotle and Aquinas I haven't read all of this series (I haven't read all of Austen's major works either...sorry!), but I'm interested in finishing it (Austen's books, too!). I always appreciate a good theology/philosophy/literature mash-up.

Some of my favorite images this week, as well:

How can this image not make your day better?

JP II and Archbishop Fulton Sheen.
AKA Saints.


In case we ever forget what happens at Mass.

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