30 March 2014

Some Good Quotations

I have been seeing really excellent quotations around the internet lately from Saints, philosophers and generally cool people. Enjoy!

If the Word of God is living and powerful, and if the Lord does all things whatsoever he wills; if he said, "Let there be light", and it happened; if he said, "let there be a firmament", and it happened; ...if finally the Word of God himself willingly became man and made flesh for himself out of the most pure and undefiled blood of the holy and ever Virgin, why should he not be capable of making bread his Body and wine and water his Blood?... God said, "This is my Body", and "This is my Blood." 
— St. John Damascene

When you are before the altar where Christ reposes, you ought no longer to think that you are amongst men; but believe that there are troops of angels and archangels standing by you, and trembling with respect before the sovereign Master of Heaven and earth. Therefore, when you are in church, be there in silence, fear, and veneration.
Saint John Chrysostom

I accept joy or suffering, praise or humiliation with the same disposition. I remember that one and the other are passing. What does it matter to me what people say about me: I have long ago given up everything that concerns my person. My name is host — or sacrifice, not in words but in deeds, in the emptying of myself and in becoming like You on the Cross, O good Jesus, my Master!
— St. Faustina

Religion is actually not a crutch; it is a cross. It is not an escape, it is a burden; not a flight, but a response. We speak here of a religion with teeth in it, the wind that demands self-sacrifice and surrender.One leans on a crutch, but a cross rests on us. It takes a hero to embrace a cross. — Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Democracy and equality are good ideas in politics, but nature is not a democracy. God is its absolute monarch, angels His ministers, men His children, animals His pets, plants His decorations, minerals His construction materials, and time His land. All are good, all are precious, and all are loved, but not equally. That would be chaos, not cosmos. 
— Peter Kreeft

Happy Sunday!

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