24 January 2014

9 Days for Life: Day VII

For each day of 9 Days for Life, I want to write down some of my thoughts in each stage. Here is what Day Seven looks like.

IntercessionToday's intercession is for "elected leaders who oppose any restriction on the abortion license: may God allow them to grasp the brutal violence of abortion and the reality of post-abortive suffering experienced by countless women and men."

One of the most difficult parts about being pro-life is seeing how enthusiastically pro-choicers adhere to their platform. It is honestly impossible for me to understand abortion being a "women's rights issue" or something we should celebrate. The good news is we can celebrate life in response. The truth of pro-life convictions is powerful enough to change hearts and I hope will be what we rely upon to bring good news to the suffering.

Reflection: Today's reflection is on St. Franics de Sales whose feast is 24 January. "St. Francis reminds us that all of our actions must be borne of a spirit of love, and that we find our freedom in living the truth. As we defend the dignity of human life, let us ask St. Francis de Sales to pray for us so that everything we say and do for unborn children and their grieving parents is imbued with both compassion and truth."

The USCCB hits the nail on the head with this one: the only way others will see the good of the pro-life movement is if we communicate it in a spirit of love. We are not out to judge people or stick our noses into people's bedrooms. What really matters is defending life at every stage with compassion.

Act of Reparation: Fast from snacking today. Eat three meals only.

I am so bad about snacking when I'm bored, especially now that I'm back home where snacks thrive. I definitely need to work on eating more healthily in general, so this is some good motivation.

Another act of reparation option for today is "Go to Confession--today, if possible--or during this week." or "Today, go visit an adoration chapel and spend an hour with Jesus."
 Adoration in my area is on Thursday and there is no Confession at my local parish today but there is tomorrow and I'd really like to get going. Vigil Mass is right after, so I can have a whole evening encountering Christ. :)

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