21 January 2014

9 Days for Life: Day III

For each day of 9 Days for Life, I want to write down some of my thoughts in each stage. Here is what Day Three looks like.

IntercessionToday's intercession is for grandparents who encouraged their child to have an abortion. We pray that they will come to Jesus in the Sacrament of Reconciliation for love and healing.

As I wrote for Day II, too often, pro-abortion arguments are scripted as if abortion only affects women, when it instead affects fathers, grandparents, society and, obviously, unborn children. The affect of abortion is much larger than is immediately obvious. So as we pray for mothers and fathers, we should also pray for grandmothers and grandfathers who knowingly or unknowingly motivated the mother's decision to abort. May they seek forgiveness and healing from God.

Reflection: Today's reflection is on St. Sebastian whose feast is 20 January.

St. Sebastian was martyred in 288 during Diocletian persecution. He was shot with arrows, but brought back to health by the widow of St. Castulus, another martyr. Sebastian confronted the emperor and was beaten to death as a result. He is the patron of athletes and soldiers, fitting for the March for Life coming up later this week. May we be as persistent with our beliefs with St. Sebastian's help.

Act of Reparation: It's easy to put our headphones on and ignore our siblings or parents in the car. Instead, enjoy the opportunity you have to talk to them, ask them how they are doing.

This act seemed appropriate, since I came home from a long trip out East (which is why this post is a day light). After eleven hours of travel, my mom and sister picked me up from a train station in a snow storm. We didn't do much talking in the car, since we had poor road conditions and beastly semis to contend with, but my sister is always up for a chat, which we did more of at home. It was incredibly nice to relax after traveling but it was also nice to be welcomed home. Inside the house kind of home, that is. It's seven degrees out. I'm not messing with that.
nicer to look at than be out in

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