14 December 2013

Feast! OR Why Don't You Have This Book Yet?

Are you a Catholic (or non-Catholic Christian as well!) looking for a way to celebrate the liturgical year? Do you enjoy cooking and living faithfully? Would you believe me if I told you there is an easy way to do these things? Then...

Check out Feast! Real Food, Reflections, and Simple Living for the Christian Year by fellow blogger Haley and her husband Daniel from Carrots for Michaelmas. (If you do not know them already, get your cursor and keister over there.) Haley, Daniel and their children Benjamin, Lucy and Gwen live in Florida, urban homesteading it up as gardeners, backyard chicken keepers and marathon runner. It doesn't hurt that the kids are the most adorable and most quotable in the world.

I was thrilled when I heard Haley and Daniel were working on this book, grabbed a PDF copy as soon as she said it was available and figuratively devoured it as quickly as possible (though, literal gobbling up would have occurred if her book came with recipe samples. Just an idea, Haley! ;) ). I am so pleased by this book because it offers so much of the information it promises in the title: twenty-three recipes (healthy and gluten-free, if you or your family are wary) and many reflections on liturgical seasons. The major selling point? It is all delivered to your eyes in super nice format and to your brain in super easy to incorporate into daily life format. Plus, who can resist the faces of her cute children? No one, that's who.

As a recent convert, I am so thankful that this book exists. I feel like it will be my go-to resource for ideas on how to celebrate the Christian Year, especially when it comes to cooking (honestly, is there a better way to celebrate?) with seasonal, quality food (Haley @Carrots is basically my soul sister). I look forward to using it more-so when I have children of my own to teach about the Saints, Advent, Feast days and the good of God's creation. I love the book for its all around practicality. With it, I can strive to live faithfully without stressing out.

If you are as eager as I am to dig in, you can purchase Feast! by several methods:
PDF at $7.99, print at $21.99 and 30% off (at least for now) at Amazon print at $15.52.

The Carrots family is so sweet and I congratulate them on the completion of this project. Well done!

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