14 November 2013

I Stand With Thomas Peters

Today Thomas and Natalie Peters ask your help!

When Thom was in a swimming accident four months ago, he caused damage to his spine, specifically the were brae in his neck. His recovery has been difficult, but, by the grace of God, miraculous.

As the first six months after an accident like this are critical for telling of what recovery will be had, I join them in asking for your prayers and support for (and beyond) these next two months. Thom has already showed remarkable progress and wrote a message on his recovery blog at the start of the month (read here: http://tpetersrecovery.blogspot.com/2013/11/from-thomas-peters-reflections-on-my.html?m=1. **A proper link will be set up when I'm on a computer instead of my phone.).

Pray for further recovery for Thom, strengthening of his muscles again, strength and perseverance for Natalie, trust and faith for their marriage, a loving support system in their families and a continued smooth transition into their new house.

We are so thankful for you, Thom and Natalie. Your example of strength and love is inspiring.

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