13 July 2013

Action Before Self-Exile

Because I get everything from Father Z (thanks, buddy!), here's another one...

To Which Super-Catholic Place Would You Go For Self-Exile? linked to a post at Catholic Vote, which lists five places around the world where Catholics might enjoy being and/or relocating: Andorra, San Marino, Malta, Wallis and Futuna, St. Pierre and Miquelon. Go read about them for fun. And originally I did view it as for fun. I love travel and love Catholicism, so what problem would I have in learning about these places?

San Marino. Source.

A comment jumped out at me from Therese at Laudamus Te (and I hope she won't mind too much that I'm sharing this here, but she made me reflect on this a lot). She wrote about what a nice idea it is to go somewhere, but that for practicality reasons sheand many others, of coursecan't [guess I shouldn't be packing my bags immediately]. She then mentioned that she and her husband had been discussing death and considered the less than ideal circumstances that could happen. "I fully expect to be murdered in a long-term 'care' unit and am trying to prepare for this now."

When I consider my death I often don't think it a big deal, usually because I am focused on what happens after I die. Any sort of last-minute torment seems inconsequential compared to what comes next. But as I sat reading this comment and this post I realized that the last moments before death are the most vital. Not only my death, but my life, may be full of a dangerous struggle. It really isn't such a surprising thought, given the modern climate in the US. Christians are facing moral dilemmas which the state approves at a seemingly increasing rate. The world is and always will be against the Church. Can we be as relentless in our faith in response?

I want to be part of the Church Militant in an obvious and powerful way. I know that this blog is a pretty good way to be able to express my thoughts and do so where friends and relatives will see it. I know I can volunteer service. I know I can pray for souls. In what way can I make a larger impact at a larger level? Will I make an affect on the country by voting and going to rallies? Will I travel intra- and internationally to reach the world? What can I do before self-exile seems the most practical option? I don't know what the future of the US is, or what my future will be, but I'm ready to work for the Kingdom now.

So what are your thoughts? How do you act now, every day, to spread the Gospel, help people and save souls? What groups are you members of? What saints do you rely on? Join me in making a commitment to act purposefully each day.

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