26 April 2013

Final Hours (pt. 2)

Friday. 8 AM.

I can't believe it still hasn't been 24 hours since I first found out she was in the hospital... Just woke up half an hour ago and everyone was talking in the next room. We still are waiting for more people to arrive this morning before anything happens.

Friday. 9.30 AM.

Back in the waiting room(s) after trying to freshen up and getting breakfast (I messed up and got a single serving cereal instead of french toast. Shame.). Yet another aunt and uncle have arrived. I think at this point, we're supposed to all gather together soon and talk about what the next steps are. I think the plan is that we'll see about getting a private room (for the 1,000 family members to fit) and take her off life support and just go from there.

"Go from there." The most casual thing to say about what's going on. But really, I know there will be so much grief from people over the next several days that I can't bring myself to worry about it right now. I don't really want to worry about her. I want to believe that she's going to be happier and pain-free and surrounded in Love none of us can offer...that she'll be reunited with lost loved ones and embrace old friends and be welcomed by all the saints of Heaven.

I just want our family to stay strong and united after this. I think there was a big push for family unity after my great great grandmother (yes, two greats) died. Hopefully it will be the same way this time and we will not despair but instead multiply each other's love and happiness.

Friday. 10.00 AM.

All these tissues are for allergies. No, really.

When I woke up and got cleaned up a bit, I went to my grandma and spent some time alone praying with her: Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be. The last thing we did together was pray when I was home shortly last month, 26 March. Now that I think of it, it was probably within an hour of the same time it was back then. It felt nice to pray with her alone, kind of like I was returning the favor. I hope she experienced some peace from it.

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