18 March 2013

Week in Review VII

Week in Review: Week VII


I think I've taken this "Blogosphere" section to mean "Here are some posts I found online" and "Here's some general or random stuff going on in Catholic World right now." As such, it is totally relevant to say: Yay, habemus papam! At first reveal I, like many others, was like, "Who?" but since Wednesday I have really started to like our Francis, especially when stuff like this pops up:

This is what winning looks like.

His Holiness' (so weird still to write that about someone new) no-nonsense claims really make him a spokesperson of the Church Militant and that is very inspiring to see.


I'm on my way to Paris as we speak! (I know we're not really speaking right now. I get it. Cool your jets.) I am so excited, and a bit nervous naturally, and can't wait! For a first time trip out of the states, Paris and London isn't a bad deal. ;)

After all this traveling is done, I'll go back to school and then Easter Vigil is only a handful of days later. How has time sped by so quickly?! In two short weeks I will be admitted into the Catholic Church and the magnitude and mystery of that just blows my mind. Here is a wonderful quotation from our beloved Pope Emeritus:

The Church lives, grows and awakens within souls, who – like the Virgin Mary – accept the Word of God and conceive it by the power of the Holy Spirit. They offer to God their own flesh and, in their very poverty and humility, become capable of giving birth to Christ today in the world. Through the Church, the mystery of the Incarnation remains present forever. Christ continues to walk throughout time and in all places. 
We remain united, dear brothers, in this mystery. In prayer and especially in the daily Eucharist, we thus serve the Church and all humanity. This is our joy, that no one can take away.
-Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI: Last Address to Cardinals, 28 February 2013 

Life in Photos

You can't go to Paris without packing. Actually, you can if you have the money to buy a new Parisian wardrobe (I do not have the money to buy a new Parisian wardrobe). I packed light so I can bring back tons of stuff!
The sky has been amazing since it got a little bit warmer. So much blue and the clouds were actually fluffy looking and the sun made a guest appearance! Does that mean Spring is soon?

I had lunch with a friend at a cafe in Chicago called Floriole. This quiche was fluffy and delicious and my salad was gigantic and had a dressing that was slightly sweet and 100% baffling because I couldn't figure out what the (trick) taste was.

I'm not sure how posting from Paris will work out, but if it does I'll be back on to share my adventures! Have a great week! :)

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