10 March 2013

Week in Review VI

Week in Review: Week VI

The Blogosphere

I haven't been keeping up with blogging too much this week, but I did stumble across this gem. As if Benedict wasn't melting my heart enough already. (I can't find the original source, but this is where I found it first.) He looks so relaxed and peaceful.

Other good news: the conclave starts on Tuesday! I'm definitely looking forward to getting absorbed in that.


Oh, this week. This week has been tough. Nothing seriously tragic has happened, so I know it could be worse. But I am definitely in a rut. Spiritual, scholarly, housekeeper-y rut. Messes of unfinished prayers, incomplete assignments and clean and dirty laundry are piling up. As far as school goes, it's likely a mixture of lazy senioritis (it is so real) and fear of the huge question mark that looms the day after graduation. I keep thinking if I close my eyes and ignore it, it will go away, but that method is useless. Graduation is still approaching and I really have to kick myself into gear if I want to see that diploma.

On the plus side, I went to Confession this week after pushing it off for pretty much all of Lent (I advise never doing that, by the way. For real). It was almost as nerve-wracking as the first time and it still felt great after, but it really got me thinking that I never want to postpone Confession again, no matter how silly it makes me feel. Okay, silly isn't the right word. Bumbling is better. Somehow I'm pretty fine until I'm kneeling: it's at this point that I start thinking that everything I'm going to say will sound foolish to the priest. I expect him to say that my Confession was bad or I did something wrong. I know it's my own weird insecurity, but with how serious Confession is, I definitely don't want to be messing up.

And then the priest is absolving you and while it seems to make sense in the moment, you walk away flabbergasted, for lack of a better word. How it's even possible for such a thing as absolution to be given after the wrongs you've done... I could never come up with anything as strange or fantastic. Sitting in the chapel after, it feels like your body has been cleaned inside out with water. No soap, no abrasive scrubbing. You're just clean, no longer marred with wounds of guilt and shame. Now that everything which was rotted and infectious inside is gone, you can fill yourself up with good things. I'm going to use that feeling to energize me all week (and longer).

Life in Photos

I'm pretty sure this cat likes me too much. In return, I like taking photos of how this cat likes me too much too much.

I bought a dress! It's a bit bright, but I'm hoping it's not too loud once it gets here and I can try it on. I'm going to feel fancy shmancy in it.

It snowed again this week. I rather like walking in snow when it first begins, but the slush after is a bit annoying. Since then, it's warmed up considerably to the 50s and 60s. I don't understand March.

Happy Sunday!

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