03 March 2013

Week in Review V

Week in Review: Week V


I've been posting like crazy! And it's been really fun, even though it's usually been me moping for hundreds of words. Still, I've been enjoying frequently posting, so I'll try to keep it up. I'm now over 1300 views, which blows my mind (but then I'm brought down to reality when I realize that a third of them are from junk websites. Haha).

It is now fifteen days until I board a plane to Paris, which might be an even crazier thought. I am super excited for so many things: traveling again, taking photographs, going somewhere new, trying to say words in a different language (we'll see how that goes), perusing clothing shops, sampling local food, going to Mass at as many different places as possible, admiring art... It's really going to be so much fun. Allons-y!

The Blogosphere

1. I'm on a mission to read, especially encyclicals by (now) Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. At a Mass celebrating Benedict's Papacy, father mentioned this fantastic quotation from it: "Being Christian is not the result of an ethical choice or a lofty idea, but the encounter with an event, a person, which gives life a new horizon and a decisive direction." I wonder how often Christianity is reduced by non-Christians to merely "an ethical choice or a lofty idea," and how often we let them, and maybe even let ourselves, fall into that line of thought.

2. Wiki Travel London and Wiki Travel Paris are absolutely essential for my upcoming trip. I love all the little random facts these pages have. Does anyone know of hidden gems or must trys? Let me know!

3. Have you gone to Confession yet this Lent? I need to push myself to go and sometimes it's difficult because I don't always take proper time out of my day to examine my conscience. This is a great outline if you likewise struggle to sit and really go through your day and your acts. Another thing I run into is time conflicts: there's really only one Confession time at my parish which does not run very close to when I work or while I'm in class. But you don't need to be confined by these: you can confess at other parishes or (if you're brave ;) ) schedule an appointment with a priest. He'll know who you are, of course, but is that really such a big deal when making plans for your soul?

Life In Photos

I felt pretty fancy early in the week and made cappuccino art at work (because spiderwebs are totally February::Monday), watched videos of Papa Benny with the cat (Papa likes cats, cat's like Papa::Tuesday), was given a Miraculous Medal (how cool is that?!::Thursday) and cooked up some veggies for a pie with my sponsor (I love hanging out with her::Saturday).

On a fancy-shmancy note, here are some flowers at work and one of the products of my cleaning/organizing spree on the weekend (do I have enough lip gloss?). It feels so refreshing to have pretty things and to clean your life up.

Happy Sunday!

xx Haley


  1. cute! I loved the boat tour of Paris on the Seine. Eat a pink meringue for me!

    1. A boat tour is on the agenda, but macarons are first, of course. I will likely eat several of those for you. :)