14 March 2013

Thoughts in Images

I would just like to say...

I totally called this, Catholic Memes!

Note the day!

Anyway. Today RCIA was good: Fr. C (who is going to Rome over Spring break, which is crazy exciting!) talked about the Four Last Things (Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell). You can read more about those here if you like (check out the eyes on that sucker. And I don't mean the eyes on his face, I mean the eyes on his wings. Yes, those ones.). Try living recklessly/selfishly/just for fun after reading about those. But really, there are some beautiful passages in there. I need to think more on the four last things day to day...

We then had Mass at 9 celebrating our new Pope Francis. Honestly, I feel a bit guilty because I'm not jumping up and down and excited about the choice because I don't really know anything about him before or after his election except that he rode the bus and checked out of his hotel room in person. In person as the Pope. I'd love that desk man's job in that situation.

Also from Catholic Memes.

The man has some shoes to fill, and this image struck me as funny (hilarious) when I first saw it, but rather nice after I thought about it for a while. No one should feel too comfortable after just being granted the largest, most intense promotion in the world, and he doesn't look it at all. He looked mildly frightened when he emerged from the curtains and that speaks a lot about how he recognizes the magnitude of his position and, I hope, he will be humble and loving with that power.

Little though I know, I do know that he gave a shout out to Benedict (and made plans to visit with him! To be a fly on the wall of that Castel...) which shows loads of respect and recognition which is admirable. More importantly, I know the Holy Spirit is at work and our Church will be guided greatly. There are already little attacks here and there on Pope Francis (and I kind of feel like I'm attacking him myself just by being a bit uncertain: I don't doubt or distrust him, I just don't know anything), which make me want to say, "Give the guy a break! He's just been voted in!" but I don't expect Francis will get much of a break. He has a great and important job and life ahead of him. As such, we should pray for our new Holy Father and love him after Benedict as we loved Benedict after JP II.

Viva il Papa! God bless you, Holy Father!

Also: Check out this pretty Mary Help of Christians medal I received from a visiting Salesian sister today. I attached it to my (relatively new) decade bracelet. Muy bonita. :)

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