19 March 2013

Five Things

(Yes, I'm doing one of these.)

I was tagged last week in a Five Things challenge/list/bloggy post thing by Haley from Carrots. I wish it were a Five Guys challenge. Eat as many French fries as I can in an hour? Game on.


Here are five things about me you may not know (not a requirement to the challenge, but the point is for you to know me better, so...):

1. (Since the topic of food has already been brought up) Half of my diet is super healthy and the other half is super...not. Kale, strawberries, almonds and then sugar, butter and chocolate. The latter half is fueled by my love of baking. It is a beautiful confusing life. Don't tell me to stop.

2. I was very artsy when I was a kid. Art classes, numerous sketchbooks, ink on my fingers from drawings, piles of pictures collecting over the years in a storage bin. When I was in high school I was on the yearbook staff and went to regional and state competitions for graphic design. I would love to make art projects a more regular part of my life. For now I have my blog, but that's a little different.

3. One of my life goals is to become very knowledgeable about wine. The restaurant I work at is notable for its abundant wine selection and I always feel rather silly when I'm asked whether this Grenache or that Cabernet is drier or longer in finish or spicier. "I have no idea," I want to plainly say. Doing food and wine pairings would be very cool.

4. I am not a fan of gooey happy music. What is gooey happy music? Children's music. On CD sung by children with high voices. Ten times worse if it's Christmas carols (which I also don't like much). Certain contemporary Christian music, especially if it is repetitive. This music makes me squeamish and fidgety. I am a horrible person.

5. I was a very studious, impossibly shy kid who was not very good at social interactions. A girl in my third grade put a note on my desk saying she wanted to be friends and I stared at it before asking the teacher what I should do about it. When I reached teen years, I was happy to be annoyed at people for their high noise level or perceived low IQ. Now I think I've lost a lot of the judgmental snobbishness, but I still find myself incredibly awkward in social situations. I'm probably never going to grow out of it, but it --f-o-r-c-e-s-- gives me the opportunity to do activities on my own, which can be nice. That's kind of what this blog is: me being social by myself. Oh, that's sad.

I'll tag Rosalind for this challenge. Did you learn something new? Am I just as boring as before? :)

Here's a fun Paris photo to make this post worthwhile:

Notre Dame side view.

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  1. Ah, I can relate to every single one of these! Nice to get to know you better! :)