31 March 2013

Easter Vigil: Scene II

It is now Easter Sunday morning. I intended to blog multiple times throughout the day, but it just became so busy that I was hardly ever sat down to write. Here I'll record the events of yesterday:

I left on in Scene I with me heading to practice for the later service. Once there, I found my seat and sponsor and our RCIA instructor along with Monsignor (who had no vestments or even black on; he was wearing a burgundy sweater, which seemed so bizarre to me) began to explain how this evening would go. Out of our group of nearly thirty, four were in the same boat as I: baptized in another Christian tradition but coming to the Catholic Church. Our part was in the middle of events (after the unbaptized were baptized and before Catholics who had yet to be confirmed would come up). I would have a very short line to say and then move to the far left side of the church so the others could come up to be confirmed.

I was really excited when this would happen because each of us was called by our confirmation name. I chose St. Thérèse (or she chose me?). It has seemed like the perfect match in many ways, which I will probably talk about separately. It was very neat to see the saints people had chosen: there were probably six Josephs, which was amusing. As big a deal as being confirmed would be, I was more concerned about the Eucharist. After going through a practice trial with an unconsecrated host, I felt like I'd have the motions down well enough not to trip, but I was still more nervous about doing that correctly than anything else.

Breakfast of Catholic champions.

We were dismissed from practice and I returned to my apartment to eat and finish getting ready for the day. My boyfriend and friends had arrived the previous night but family and more friends would arrive that afternoon. I remember back when I announced that I was converting, my family wasn't very excited. I think they were confused and hurt, which I can understand looking back, and my greatest fear was that they would completely distance themselves from me. That they came to my confirmation was surprising (there was always one more person joining the group) and validating. Not necessarily in the sense that they completely agree with everything I'm doing, but in the sense that they will stand by me and be supportive family members.

The Great British Chocolate Tasting, featuring Yorkie, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Mars and Caramel Galaxy bars. Delicious.

Once they arrived, we had a British chocolate tasting with the candy bars I brought back from my trip. I thought the idea was genius, but probably only because I really wanted chocolate. We then went shopping to pick up shoes and a slip (I procrastinate....) and went out to eat. All eleven of us. And then I received a few gifts, among them: a burgundy colored rosary, a golden cross necklace, an owl bracelet my Mom knew I was eyeing, several nice cards and enough chocolate to last me a month. It was a good time. :)

Owl bracelet! It's chunky and pretty blue and awesome.

Soon, though, it was time to leave to finish getting ready for Mass. I'll pick up on that in Scene III....

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