24 February 2013

Week in Review IV

Week In Review: Week IV

The Blogosphere

The Catholic Church Young People Actually Want. This post is a really good read, and reminded me a bit of mine here. Young Catholics do not want gimmicks or puns or Jesus wearing sunglasses. In fact, neither do young Protestants, with which I have more direct experience. We want Truth. We want beauty. We want to be on fire for something worth living and dying for.

Did you guys know Steel Magnolias is on Netflix? Whaaat? My mom and I watched that movie a lot when I was a kid. I watched it last night and laughed over all the lines I didn't understand or remember when I was younger. It's witty and sassy and has Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton and Sally Field in it. What's not to like?

I'm still a bit in shock over Pope Benedict's resignation. He now has less than a week remaining and it makes me sad that we will have to say goodbye (for now?) to our dear, cute old man (I say this with all the respect in the world; His Holiness happens to fall into the category of "cute old men I would like to just hug for days," but he's busy, so...). Continue to pray for this man who has led and loved the Church wonderfully. Here he is, melting my heart:

Other than that, I've been trying to buckle down on school work, but it has been hard trying to stay motivated. Any advice from fellow students? Maybe I should spend less time reading blogs. Blasphemy!

22 days until Paris, 34 days until Easter Vigil, 77 days until graduation. Where does the time go??

Life in Photos
My sponsor M had an appointment early in the week where she, among other things, found out the sex of her baby. I am very good at guessing and have guessed eight or nine correctly in a row. 50% proud of myself, 50% proud of her. :)

I made my first spinach smoothie ever. I drank about half an inch of the glass and dumped the rest, not because it was gross, but because I get very bored with smoothies I make. I just completely lose interest in them and start hunting for peanut butter toast or croissants later. Anyone else have this problem? 

Another lovely falling of snow hit campus this week. I was on my way to RCIA when I was surprised by two inches of it on the ground. After checking my email quickly and finding RCIA cancelled for the weather, I continued to walk in the snowfall for twenty minutes. I love walking in the snow when it starts, but pretty much curse it for all the slips and frozen toes it causes later.

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