17 February 2013

Week in Review III

Week in Review: Week III

Every once in a while, the sky makes itself visible among the clouds in Winter.

The Blogosphere
If fluids weren't pouring out of my face for sinus reasons this week, they were for the news of Pope Benedict's resignation, which I talked about a little here. The Pope explained his reasons for resigning, celebrated his last public Mass on Ash Wednesday and made my cry like a baby in this recessional (his look at 3:14 makes me laugh every time. It is like for one moment he looks at me and says, "I see you there, cryin' like a fool. It's all good.").  Of course I trust his judgment entirely, but the news still surprises me a little each day. It crosses my mind every so often that this is history happening before me: I should pay attention and take this as a learning opportunity (What title should the Pope have once he resigns? How do the Cardinals handle this? What are the requirements for electing a new Pope?).

We also should now, if not more than ever before, pray for His Holiness. A lot of negative commentary has come from people, even people claiming to be Catholics, and the Pope could really use the strength of our prayers this Lenten season. The Cardinals also need strength to cast their vote(s), as well as the perseverance through mourning and their travels to Rome. After all of this, I am just so proud of the Church I am joining: aside from the aforementioned exceptions, there is so much love and respect going around for our Holy Father. The Catholic Church is strong and has endured over the last 2,000 years.

At RCIA this week, someone asked the director if there would be a final ceremony on the 28th for the Pope's last day. He answered, "Yes, I do know. Pope Benedict will be coming here to St. John's, there's going to be a special 9 PM Mass that day..." ("Coffee and doughnuts after in the social hall," I muttered to my sponsor.) Really, though, how amazing would that be for the Pope to come to your parish?!

Check Your Calendar
If you don't know it's Lent by now, I feel bad for you, son. I've got 99 problems but remembering to abstain from meat on Fridays ain't one. (I'm done, I promise.)

Pretty flowers at work this week.

I'm just going on with the semester. Midterms are all around, so there's lots of studying and paper editing to be had. I still can't believe I only have the rest of this semester and then I'll be done with college. My mind cannot comprehend it.

Today (Sunday) I will be going to Peoria for the Rite of Election with the Bishop. On the surface, we will be called forward to say some things, but what's going on is we are being called to join the Church. The Bishop recognizes our desire and welcomes us. All the people in the diocese going through RCIA and wanting to join the Church will be there. I am approximately 14% nervous (no matter what, if I have to do something official and important, I don't want to ruin it, so I will be nervous.), but I am also excited. I've never even seen the Bishop or been to the cathedral.  I am closer to Easter Vigil now more than ever and that is very exciting.

Have a great Sunday!

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