01 January 2013

Top 5 Favorite Blogs of 2012

Two posts in one day? Going for a record, I am. Just wanted to continue the New Year spirit and chime in with some of my favorite blogs that I have discovered or been inspired by in the year 2012. Some of them are faith-related, others are more artistic. Maybe one (or a few or all) of these blogs can teach and inspire you in the year 2013. The winners are:

A Beautiful Mess. If you're looking for cool photography, fancy DIYs, fashion, home decor or organization inspiration, this is a helpful website by Elsie and Emma. They have clever ideas and small tips that will make your life more fun.

Carrots for Michaelmas. A wonderful blog by Haley about being a Catholic, literature-loving, homesteading mother. Her point of view has been particularly helpful to me as I'm converting to Catholicism and considering what life after graduation holds. She is kind and sweet and the photos of her son Benjamin and daughter Lucy melt my heart.

Shutterbean. I first found this blog after listening to the Joy the Baker podcast where Tracy routinely joins Joy Wilson in talking about sugar, boys and nail polish. Tracy's photos and design balance light and dark and her weekly review photography posts offer a personal view of her family life. I came for the design and have stayed for the fancy drink recipes I will one day try.

Steve Gershom. An insightful look into the life of a Catholic man dealing with same sex addiction. Filled with the most sincere inner musings of someone anyone can relate to, this blog is wonderfully written, thought provoking and incredibly candid.

What Does the Prayer Really Say? Father Z is witty, honest and entertaining. I have learned more about current issues the Church faces since reading this blog and can always be informed and amused when I visit it. Be prepared to be asked to purchase some coffee....

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