19 October 2012


Becoming Catholic was never something I considered a possibility for myself growing up. In fact, Catholicism was never something I considered period. Yet here I am, knowing what a thurible is, carrying around books about saints and wondering just how quickly I can will the next five and a half months to pass so I can be accepted into the Church come Easter Vigil.

My journey to Catholicism so far has been as rocky as the mountains and even more beautiful. Though I have struggled frequently, I know the timing has been exactly right. I trust that all things work for good, and believe this to be the greatest decision I will make in all my life. I find proof of this every time I enter the chapel: I let out a sigh of relief, dip my fingers into cold holy water, inhale the musky scent of incense and cross a silent threshold into home.

Along the way, I want to record my questions and thoughts, hopefully enter discussion with others and eventually be able to look back to see how much I have learned. Perhaps my musings can guide another down the same path.

For now, here are a few basics:

Age: 20
Occupation: University Student in Illinois, graduating Spring 2013
Family: Baptist Protestant
Baptized: at age 15
Mass attendance: ~5/week (let's set a record, self)
Confirmation Name: Nope
Confession: Not yet
Days Until Easter Vigil: 162

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